In bed with Leonard Cohen

89 days into lockdown.  And here I am looking back with nostalgia


I want to be back

Back sitting on someone’s floor

at a party I’ve gatecrashed

listening to some gorgeous long haired guy

singing, ‘Suzanne takes you down’


And I want to see again

those photos of Elvis

having his hair cut for the army


And I want to be again

sneaking into my first X film

hiding cigarettes from my parents

holding hands with someone I’ve only just met

dancing obscenely close in some Soho cellar


I want to be kissed again

for the very first time


I want to hear Buddy Holly on a juke box

Sip my first coke in a Wimpy bar

my first rum and coke in a real bar


I want to be hearing Dylan

The Beatles

The Everly Brothers

Leonard Cohen

for the very first time


I want to be hugged by my mum and dad


I want to be back

Take me back


But here I am

in bed with Leonard Cohen

And his ‘Book of Longing’


Longing to be back.


“In Bed With Leonard Cohen” was first published in “Wonderland.” ( 2019, Woodland Press)

Copies of this poetry book can be obtained from me. Simply comment below leaving your email address and I will get back to you. The cost of the book is £6.50 including postage within the UK. 50% of any profit from sales will be given to the NHS.


© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

© Portrait of Leonard Cohen by M.R.

2 thoughts on “In bed with Leonard Cohen

  1. Thoughtful as always, Andrea.

    As you are into Leonard Cohen you might also be interested in Theatre of Dreams by Polly Samson – a fictitious account of his time with Marianne and others on Hydra in the hedonistic Sixties.


    1. Thanks Brian. I’ll certainly check it out. We saw the documentary about their relationship, “Leonard and Marianne” which was made by Nick Broomfield. Well worth watching if you haven’t already seen it.


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