Children’s Poems

My Teddy

I have a little teddy bear

And teddy is his name 

And though he doesn’t say much 

I love him just the same

I tell him all my secrets

And whisper in his ear

And though he doesn’t answer me

I’m sure that he can hear

Although I love my mummy

And I love my daddy too

There’s no one like a teddy bear

For telling secrets to

We have an understanding

My teddy bear and I

That I will never part from him

Though all the years go by

And when I am much older

And Teddy’s lost his looks

He’ll still be sitting on the shelf

Among my favourite books

For Teddy is a friend to me

And as the years go by

We’ll always be together

My teddy bear and I

And when I am a daddy

With my own girls and boys

My teddy bear will take his place

Among their books and toys

I have a little teddy bear

And Teddy is his name

And though he doesn’t say much

I love him just the same



Down the drain the water flows
I wonder where the water goes.
Does it go out to the sea
To keep the fishes company?
Or does it just go down the drain
Never to be seen again!
The New Baby
We don’t know its name yet
or what it will be
whether it is
a he or a she
We don’t know if it will be bald
or have big or small ears
But we know that we’ll love it
once it appears
New Sister
She pulls at my hair
and she punches my nose
She pinches my cheeks
and she treads on my toes
You wanted a sister
And you got a sister
She eats all my food
and she messes my toys
She keeps me awake
all the night with her noise
You wanted a sister
And you got a sister
She cries all the night
and she screams all the day
I’m not left alone
and there’s no time to play
You wanted a sister
And you got a sister
She makes such a mess
and she makes such a fuss
Oh why did she come
to a family like us
You wanted a sister
And you got a sister


Have you cleaned your teeth yet?

my mum yells up the stairs

And I say yes

I put some toothpaste on my pinkie

and dab it on my teeth

She’ll never guess.

Have you washed your face yet?

my mum yells up the stairs

And I say yes

I dab some soap on each cheek

and on my nose

That always fools her.

My mum kisses me

I know she’s smelling me

to see if I’ve washed

Do you know how much

I love you, she says

And I say, yes!


Splish Splash

Splish splash splish
I wish I were a fish
Swimming in the sea
I’d swim all day
And play and play
And then come home for tea!


My mum says

My mum says

‘tidy your room

or else I’ll tidy it for you!’

No! Not that. Never. Help!

I’ll never be able

to find anything I want

ever again

So I race to my room

and tidy it up

double quick

When she’s not looking

I push all the little bits

under the bed

and all the big bits

under the duvet

Mum looks in and smiles

Now I’ll be left in peace.

As soon as she’s gone

I get everything out

and mess it all up again


I’ll never

be able to find




Too tired

I’m never too tired to play

I could play with my toys all day

I’m never too tired for fun

I love to jump and to run.

I’m never too tired to climb

The best in the world, that’s me

But when it’s time to tidy up

I’m as tired as can be.

I’m never too tired for toys

and for playing with girls and boys

I love to run and skip and hop

I can play all day and never stop.

I’m never too tired for stories

or for watching shows on the TV

But when mum says, ‘It’s time to get washed!’

I’m as tired as can be.

I’m never too tired for swings

and other exciting things

I’m never too tired to play with my train

I can run it again and again and again.

I’m never too tired for digging in sand

or for paddling in the sea

I’m never too tired for icecream

or for having a picnic tea.

I’m never too tired for daddy

when he says, ‘Now what shall I be?’

And we play all sorts of lovely games

My brother, my daddy and me.

I’m sometimes too tired to walk upstairs

I say, ‘But I’m only three!’

But when mummy says, ‘It’s time for bed!’

I’m as wide-awake as can be!


My teacher Mr Williams

My teacher Mr Williams is as kind as kind can be

Though he has some funny habits I think you will agree

Like he always clicks his fingers when he wants to talk to me

When the class is being noisy and mucking about

He doesn’t threaten to give us a clout

But just claps his hands and says, “Stop!” with a shout

When we do bad work we feel we’re in disgrace

But when we do good work he has a happy face

And writes in our books words like “excellent” and “ace”

With Mr Williams as a teacher work feels more like play

Though we’re sad on Wednesday afternoons when he has to go away

But we enjoy him even more when he’s back the following day



I used to have a special friend

Who went everywhere with me

He was warm and soft and cuddly

And as loving as can be.

His body was soft and squishy

There were lentils in his tummy

We’d bought him at a school fete

He’d been made by someone’s mummy.

He’d listen when I talked to him

And always sympathise

And if I had been crying

He’d help me wipe my eyes.

When I needed someone to play with

He’d join me in a game

And if I was sad or miserable

Froggo would feel the same.

He always came to bed with me

So I never had bad dreams

I loved and cuddled him so much

He was splitting at the seams.

My brother didn’t like him

And hid him on a shelf

He must have been so lonely

Stuck up there by himself.

I tried to sleep without him

But it didn’t work at all

Even with the curtains open

And the light on in the hall.

Luckily mum found him

And just as well she did

We found a special Froggo box

And wrote Froggo on the lid.

By now he was leaking badly

There were lentils everywhere

We’d find them on the carpet

In my bed and in my hair.

There were lentils on my sheets

And lentils in my socks

They’d get stuck to my skin

So it looked like chicken pox.

He’d been sewn up so many times

He looked at me quite sadly

Mum said that she’d restuff him

But she did it rather badly.

Without his squishy lentils

I found I loved him less

I missed his leaking tummy

And the crumbly lentil mess.

Then one day I decided

Completely by myself

That I was too old for Froggo

And I left him on the shelf.

I still have all my dolls of course

And all my teddies too

But there’s no one quite like Froggo

For telling troubles to.

My mother keeps him in a drawer

I saw him the other day

The funny thing is that now my mum

Can’t bear to throw him away.


The Garden Shed Pet

When I was eight years old

my tortoise ran away

So I found a pet snail

and kept him in a jam jar

in the garden shed

Every night he’d make his escape

leaving a glistening trail

for me to follow

down the garden path

In the morning I would find him

hiding in the rockery

At least I think it was him

You can never be sure with snails.


The Race

We’d put them on an old tin lid

and line them up on the racing track

Ready! Steady!  Go!

Then watch them inch their way along

slithering, slimy, slowly

their tiny antlers pointing the way

Come on! Hurry up! We’d shout

but nothing we said

made them move any faster

My one always seemed to lose

But then

when you’re racing snails

It’s hard to find a winner.

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 © Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems


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