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As much as I am a fan of Bob Dylan, I think that Leonard Cohen should have been the one to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature.  Do you agree?

This poem is not so much about Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan but more about a nostalgia for the past.

In bed with Leonard Cohen

I want to be back.

Back sitting on someone’s floor

at a party I’ve gate-crashed,

listening to some gorgeous long haired guy

singing, ‘Suzanne takes you down’.

And I want to see again

those photos of Elvis

having his hair cut for the army.

And I want to be again

sneaking into my first X film,

hiding cigarettes from my parents,

holding hands with someone I’ve only just met

dancing obscenely close in some Soho cellar.

I want to be kissed again

for the very first time.

I want to hear Buddy Holly on a juke box.

Sip my first coke in a Wimpy bar,

my first rum and coke in a real bar.

I want to be hearing Dylan,

The Beatles,

The Everly Brothers,

Leonard Cohen

for the very first time.

I want to be hugged by my mum and dad.

I want to be back.

Take me back.

But here I am

in bed with Leonard Cohen

and his ‘Book of Longing’.

Longing to be back.


© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

“In Bed With Leonard Cohen” was first published in “Wonderland.”

( 2019, The Woodland Press)