Forget toilet rolls and hand sanitiser. I can’t find bread flour anywhere. And as for gardening seeds – they are like gold dust.

Everyone now seems to be baking bread, experimenting with arts and crafts, painting and gardening. I’ve visited a number of online nurseries and even the B&Q website. All my favourite plants have sold out. And it’s only May 1st!  I wasn’t even able to buy seeds in the early days of lockdown.

I had a rummage in the garage and found a few old seed packets. Best planted by 2014.  I doubt if they will work but I’m going to give them a go and will let you know if I have any luck.

If you’re having the same experience, I can recommend seed sharing – something keen amateur gardeners have been doing for years.

A couple of years ago I shared seeds with a friend and I was so delighted with the outcome that I wrote this poem about it.

I’m sure you must know the poem by William Wordsworth which begins – “I wandered lonely as a cloud … ”

Here is my version – a lighthearted take on the original.


To Hollyhocks

I wandered barefoot in the sun

Having taken off my socks

And all at once I came upon

A clump of golden Hollyhocks


I pocketed some tiny seeds

They flew with me on EasyJet

I scattered them among my weeds

And with myself I had a bet


Could I get these seeds to grow

Among my dandelion clocks

And if they did how would I know

That these were truly Hollyhocks


A few months on a fabulous sight

Hollyhocks of every hue

It looks like I did something right

And then I gave some seeds to you


And then as quickly as they came

My flowers disappeared from sight

I looked for them but all in vain

They had just vanished overnight


I think my gardener was to blame

Mistook them for some flowering weeds

My garden didn’t look the same

And I hadn’t even kept the seeds


Then you and I met up for lunch

And I told you this tale of woe

Ah you said I have a hunch

That I still have some seeds you know


You kindly posted seeds to me

Just like the ones I once gave you

When you were here with friends for tea

Such a thoughtful thing to do


What goes around comes around they say

It looks like we will prove this true

And who knows maybe come next May

I’ll have more seeds to give to you







I’ve been blogging every day for the past week and am going to take a break this weekend. Am not going anywhere special – just thought I would visit the sofa in my living room.

See you Monday. Have a good weekend. Stay safe and keep well.  Happy gardening!


© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems




  1. On some days, I wish we had a garden in CA. The weather is glorious, and the neighborhoods are aflame with color. Every rose seems to be in bloom, plus iris, freesia, etc. etc. No seeds or seedlings here. Karen and crew are putting in 2 raised beds for a vegetable garden. It gives them something to besides work and study. Shira takes her qualifying exams in August. I am busy (again) sewing masks out of the fabric I happened to have in the house. I’ve made 9 and am working on 5 more. We’re fine, and so is everyone else. XXXXX Barbara >


  2. Dear Andrea,
    Thank you for your daily blog. I always enjoy reading it. I have to report that the Hollyhocks are coming back this year. They have just started to grow again! Thank you. XX


  3. I really like the sentiments of this poem and also how it reminds us of happier more relaxed times. So good to read positive things – thank you Andrea. xx

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