I sometimes think it would be wonderful if we could all remember the first few years of our lives. After all, these are the years – we are told – that form us, shape us into the people we become.

I was trying to encapsulate those feelings when I wrote today’s poem, “Childhood”. It was written many years ago when I was a new mum.

Although it was a very long time ago, I can still remember how I felt. I expressed the same feelings in another poem of mine you might have read – the one that goes …

” I watch my child asleep in bed

what dreams can he be dreaming

the little sleepyhead

I want to build a wall around his cot

Shield him from the world

Instead I tuck his blankets tight

And kiss my sleeping child goodnight.”

I am sure this is how many parents must feel about their sleeping children.

Last week I held my thirteen month old grandson in my arms and the same feeling flooded over me.

The years swept away and I remembered this poem. I wanted to share it with you. Do let me know if you like it.


Is this how it was?

Curtains drawn

Fire glowing

Warm inside

Outside snowing

Little child snug on mother’s knee

Cheeks flushed


warm, content

Is this how my childhood went?

Now I sit

with my own son

whose life has only just begun

He cuddles close

and hugs me tight

And everything in the world

seems right

I now yearn for the child I was

The years are swiftly going

I watch my child

and other children

Living, loving, growing.

If only we now grown up

could recall how it was then

when all the world was mother’s smile

and begin again.

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

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