No one forgets a good teacher

They say that no one forgets a good teacher. You could, of course, equally say, that everyone remembers a bad teacher!

When my daughter was at primary school, she had a wonderful teacher.

Together we wrote this poem for him:

My teacher Mr Williams

My teacher Mr Williams is as kind as kind can be

Though he has some funny habits I think you will agree

Like he always clicks his fingers when he wants to talk to me

When the class is being noisy and mucking about

He doesn’t threaten to give us a clout

But just claps his hands and says, “Stop!” with a shout

When we do bad work we feel we’re in disgrace

But when we do good work he has a happy face

And writes in our books words like “excellent” and “ace”

With Mr Williams as a teacher work feels more like play

Though we’re sad on Wednesday afternoons when he has to go away

But we enjoy him even more when he’s back the following day

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

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