Jokes abound about mothers-in-law.  I was lucky with mine.  We always got on well and she had a fabulous relationship with our children.

I wrote this poem on 11 October, 2007,  just a few days after she died.


The grass will still be green

The sky will still be blue

But something will be missing

from the world that we once knew.

The phone will still be ringing

But she won’t be on the line

Who will we tell our news to

like we used to all the time.

The parties will go on

With food and drink and kissing

But there’ll be an empty chair

The one we love is missing.

Our children will grow up

With memories they can share

The world’s the same but different

now their grandma isn’t there.

Hettie Neidle, 24 August 1917 – 5 October 2007

 © Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

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