One of the things we all can do to get our spirits up is to remember the good times. Like travelling to far flung places – although getting to them wasn’t always fun.

This short story is based on something that really happened – though not to me and not necessarily on an EasyJet flight! 

Uneasy Jet

Jim was ruffled.

Why was it taking his wife so long to put her case in the overhead rack?

If he wants me to get a move on, he should do something to help, thought Cathy – not for the first time in 30 years of marriage – but that’s Jim. Happy to complain but doesn’t lift a finger.

Another traveller kindly helped her lift her suitcase. She beamed a thank you and glowered pointedly at Jim who had already settled himself into his seat.

“I don’t want anything”, said Jim, when refreshments came round.  “Well, I wouldn’t mind a drink,” retorted Cathy, but the stewardess had already gone past.

Jim pressed the call button and the stewardess reappeared. “What drinks do you have?” Jim demanded.  “Look in the brochure”, was her reply.

It was getting dark and Jim reached up to put on the reading light. The stewardess appeared again looking rattled.

“Is there a problem?”

“I’m just putting the light on,” replied Jim.

“You pressed the call button. This is the light switch. The one with the picture of a light bulb on it.”

“Ah” – said Jim. “I’ll know next time.”

When they were ready to land, Jim couldn’t get his seat upright. He rang the call bell.  There she was again – his favourite hostess. “What is it now?” she questioned, not very politely, he thought.  He explained and with one touch of the button, the hostess moved his seat back.

Cathy closed her eyes. She was beginning to wonder whether this weekend break was such a good idea.

Later, the shuttle bus dropped them off at their hotel. Jim had chosen to stay close to the airport as it was cheaper.

They collected their key and took the lift up.  But when they got to their room the key obstinately wouldn’t open the door. They both had a go but with no luck.

All of a sudden the door flew open revealing their air hostess in her underwear. Behind her, spread-eagled naked on the bed, was the pilot.

“You again!” she snapped, “Still looking for the call button?”

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems





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