Heaven on Earth

Recently we stayed in what was once a Tuscan monastery – a place now used for meetings and conferences.

My husband was working and I was free to wander the grounds as I liked.

I found the most idyllic spot. An overgrown and hidden garden.

Heaven on Earth









The place was so perfect, the air so still, the scenery so magnificent that I needed somehow to express the peace and solitude.

It’s been a few months since I wrote my Mother’s Day poem and nearly a year since I last did any painting.

I had my watercolours with me and had a go at painting a poppy. And then another.

And I wrote this poem:  













The poppies

nod their heads

in the soft warm breeze

I hear

the gentle buzz

of bees

And on the trees

lemons and oranges

ripen in the sun

Along the crumbling walls

lizards appear and disappear

And in the distance

olive groves

cypress trees

and the blue rolling hills

of Tuscany

The stillness is perfect

I am in heaven

And heaven is in me. 












© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems


5 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth

  1. Dear Andrea

    I could close my eyes and imagine being in Tuscany! Lovely poem. The poppies are beautifully painted and you have captured the paper-like qualities of the very fragile petals.
    X Irene


    1. Thank you so much Irene for your kind words. It took a lot of courage to post my paintings online as I have not – aside from the Maurice Sendak collage – done so before. So pleased you enjoyed my poem.


    1. Thank you Brian. I really like the 3 P’s idea!
      I used to lecture my advertising students on the 4 P’s of presentation. You can probably guess what the first three are and I will leave you to work out the fourth!


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