If you love poetry, read on …

I’ve loved poetry since an infant school teacher first delved into her handbag and put a poetry book in my hands.  I had read all the reading books in class and she was looking for something to keep me occupied until the school bell rang for the end of the lesson.

My dad, Ralph L Finn (1911-1999) used to quote poems at me all the time. It drove me mad. But now I find myself doing exactly the same to my own children.

My father, Ralph L Finn

I’ve been writing poetry since I was about eight years old. My first poem, written when I was in junior school, was entitled, “The squirrel and the hare”.

The Squirrel and the Hare

“What of the woods?”

said the squirrel to the hare

“branches bare, thick moss


where nuts can be found

and the ground

is as flat

as a beaten door mat …”

“Well? What about that?”

said the hare.

“So, what do I care

for the branches bare?

I have the hay

and seeds can be found

on the ground which is sweet

and lies lush at my feet …”

“Please come to the woods!”

“No thanks,” said the hare

“I’m quite happy here.”

Then they both said together

“Never mind the wind or weather

We will always stay together

 Squirrel and hare.”

Now, should you find their bush

Please tiptoe and don’t stare

For you may find them sleeping there …

Squirrel and hare.

 The headmistress contacted my parents, convinced they had helped me with it or even written it for me. Fortunately, they managed to convince her otherwise.

From then on I was hooked.


© Andrea Neidle. My Life in Poems


One Comment on “If you love poetry, read on …”

  1. That’s very good! I wish that I had my poems from school. So many songs and poems have been lost to time.

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