Recently a local charity asked for poems on the theme of “Home”.

In this poem I’ve tried to express what it feels like to be homeless and invisible to passers by.

The sharp eyed among you will see that halfway down the poem is written in reverse.

This is called a mirror poem. Let me know if you like it.


This is my home.

A piece of cardboard

An old duvet.

What do you see

When you see me?

You hurry past

Without a glance

I have feelings too

Give me a chance.

I am a person

Just like you

Say hello

Why don’t you?

I had a home

Kids and a wife

Until I was thrown

On the scrapheap of life.

Why don’t you

Say hello?

Just like you

I am a person.

Give me a chance

I have feelings too.

Without a glance

You hurry past.

When you see me

What do you see?

An old duvet

A piece of cardboard.

This is my home.

Thank you for following my blog and wishing you all the best for 2022.

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems


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