I wrote this wistful poem back in May, 2020. It was the first of many poems I have written during lockdown.

The title of my poem, “Where has God gone?” is taken from what was said in the Holocaust. Where was God when six million Jewish men, women and children were murdered? 

The last line but one ‘the flowers we planted’ is a metaphor for living and all that was good in our lives. – it’s not meant to be about gardening!


Up in the skies the swallows are winging

Down in the trees the birds are all singing

Out in the streets not one soul can be seen

They’re all shut indoors watching the screen


They’re locked in their homes, no one is playing

Where are the people, where have they gone?

Knock on the door, is there no one at home


Not looking at phones but actually talking

We reach out to speak to friends on the phone

Everyone’s lost, we all feel alone


All over the world people are dying

The life that we lived where did it go?

Will it return, does anyone know?


Are we going to die alone and afraid?

The people we love, the flowers we planted

Where is the life that we took for granted?

© Andrea Neidle. My Life in Poems


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