When the lockdown began a year ago I had short blonde hair. Now it is long and grey.

The good news is that I quite like it that way. As does OH (other half).

So there are some – albeit very few –  positive outcomes to this lockdown.

Pre-Covid there were an estimated 17 million cases of gastrointestinal infections in the UK each year.  How many in the past year I wonder? I bet they were a great deal fewer as we’ve all been washing our hands so frequently.

And I doubt if many of us have had flu this year. Or colds. I’m someone who normally has about five colds in a year.  This past year? Zero. Not surprising as I haven’t been anywhere!

I’m also guessing that there have been far fewer cases of head lice in school kids because most children have not been getting close to one another. Or not even mixing at all.

When you’re the parent of young children you get used to them having nits.  When I was at school in the 1950s we had a nit nurse – “Nitty Norah”- who would examine our heads for lice. At that time there was a real stigma attached to having nits. Today we are told that, “nits like clean hair” and that it has nothing to do with one’s personal hygiene.

Alas, the nit nurse has gone the way of so many other things. Parents today are not only expected to check their children’s hair on a regular basis but also to inform the school if they find head lice.

I used to find it hard enough checking our cat for fleas. But nits? Yuk!

Unlike fleas, head lice don’t jump. The lice walk from one head to another so you normally need to be close to someone in order to get them.

When our daughter was about five and at primary school she came home with a note saying that some of the children in her class had head lice and that her hair should be checked.

Lo and behold I found a few eggs (nits) in my daughter’s hair. I bought the recommended lotion from the chemist and treated her hair with the smelly stuff.  One was advised to treat all the family – just in case – so I also used the lotion on my own hair and that of her two older brothers. But what about OH? Shouldn’t the small amount of hair he had left also be treated?  Alas, he was away on a conference in Italy. In Rome. At the Vatican where he was to be meeting the Pope. Seriously.

You can imagine what I was thinking. What if OH has nits? Eek!

OH and his colleagues had a private audience with the Pope.  John Paul since you ask. They shook hands. He blessed them.  In the photos taken at the time you can see that they got pretty close to one another.

A few days later I saw the Pope on a TV news broadcast. And guess what? He was scratching his head!

© Andrea Neidle. My Life in Poems

4 thoughts on “POST#192 BAD HAIR DAY

  1. Lovely story Andrea, thank you.

    I of course, remember the photo of Stephen with the Pope. It always hung in his office and I sincerely hope it’s still there.

    On one occasion a member of his Group asked me why Stephen had his wedding photo hanging on his office wall! I told them to look more closely and to put their glasses on!

    Hope you are both well.
    Irene X

    Liked by 1 person

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