Something some of us have discovered as a result this lockdown is the fun of getting deliveries. Not just food deliveries but everything deliveries.

I am someone who has never enjoyed shopping in stores but I have really taken to buying stuff online.  

We’ve all made jokes about people being dressed only from the waist up when they address us on Zoom – whether it’s on TV or among one’s own friendship circle. After all, aside from something respectable to cover you from neck to chest, who needs clothes during lockdown?

At the moment one really only needs clothes for pottering around the house and the occasional Zoom appearance. 

OH (other half) and I find ourselves getting dressed later every day and changing back into our nightclothes much earlier each evening. Sometimes it seems hardly worth getting dressed at all!

We have been buying what I can only term as ‘comfort clothes’ and what the websites describe as “loungewear”. For example, a new velour jogging suit for me (though I will be lounging in it in front of the TV rather than jogging) and a new pair of slippers for OH. 

I have also invested in a pair of cheerful tartan pyjamas and a cosy fleecy top.  OH saw the fleece and desired something similar. I’ve managed to track one down for him too. “Matchy matchy” as our four year old granddaughter would say. 

One also needs outdoor clothes for all those walks we are legally entitled to enjoy.  I treated myself to a Cossack type fur hat.  It looks incredibly decadent and stylish even though it is fake fur. 

These all arrive with a knock on the door and a quick scurry away by whomsoever is making the delivery. No more do we put parcels in quarantine. We open them up excitedly, throw away the wrappings and then – of course – wash our hands.

Even though we know what’s going to be in the parcel we greet each one as if it is a long awaited gift.

I am reminded of a wonderful children’s story our three children all enjoyed in the past. “Benjamin’s 365 Birthdays”, written by Judi Barrett and illustrated by Ron Barrett. 

Benjamin Bear loved opening birthday presents and was very sad once he had opened all of them.  So he wrapped them up again and every day gave himself a new present. When he ran out of presents he found other things to wrap and unwrap, eventually wrapping up his whole house – roof and all.  

That’s how OH and I feel when we hear that knock on the door and find a parcel awaiting us on the front step.  Never mind that we know exactly what’s in it – there is still that stirring of excitement one felt as a child opening a present!

Unlike lockdown, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems



  1. Just waiting for a parcel. A Yodel delivery of an Argos floor heater. As we have had no central heating since Friday this is going to be better than any Christmas present!
    PS. Still in pyjamas.

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  2. Thank you Andrea, enjoyed reading that! I love the anticipation of waiting for the delivery guy to turn up. Of course, we are having to deal with an enormous amount of packaging, I ordered some new mascara (not sure why, I haven’t worn it for months!) and face cream last week and it turned up in a box big enough to house a pair of shoes and full of bubble wrap. Took me a few minutes to find my items!


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