This post begins with a caveat. 

This is more of a hope than a resolution – the hope that 2021 will be a year of change for the better.

Today millions of us were given hope for a brighter and better future when 82 year old Brian Pinker was the first to get the Oxford AstraZenica vaccine.

This year I will smile at strangers

and shake hands with everyone I meet

I will greet new faces like old friends

This year I will go places

I will not take life for granted

I will not take good health for granted

I will not take good friends for granted

This year

I will kiss everyone twice

on both cheeks

whether they like it or not

And I will not step out of the way to avoid people

This year I will hold hands, hug and huddle

Cuddle the old and the new

This year I will embrace life

and make up for all those missed moments

This year we will come out of hibernation

It’s not too late

to celebrate

all those lost milestones

This year we will have a vaccine!

In the meantime, listening to the latest news bulletin, it sadly looks like there will be more tiers before bedtime!


© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

© Photo – Andrea Neidle

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