Thank you to the 200+ people who have been following My Life in Poems.

I’ve been blogging on a regular basis for most of this year.  Not only poems but also flash fiction and my thoughts on “life, the universe and everything”.* At the height of the pandemic I was posting virtually every day!

Although my poetry has been performed, published and broadcast, it has always been my desire to have all my poems published together in one place. Last year I finally made the decision to self-publish and put 52 of my best poems together in one anthology – “Wonderland”.

I was thrilled that whenever I read my poetry people bought copies of my book. I had planned to get it into bookshops. Then, sadly, Covid came along, the bookshops closed and I had to put my plans on hold. 

I still have 100 copies of Wonderland sitting in a box waiting for a new home. Wonderland costs £7.50 including postage within the UK. Any profit I make from its sale will be divided between Pancreatic Cancer UK and the Parkinson’s Disease Society. 

If you’d like your very own signed copy simply click on this link or cut and paste it into your browser.

A copy will be posted to you as soon as your payment has been received. Please note that Wonderland is only available in the UK for now.

Whether or not you wish to buy a copy of my book, I’d like to thank you for all your support, encouragement and positive comments over the past year.


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