Today, I jokingly said to OH (other half), shall we pay a visit to the dining room just for a change?

We know we are lucky to be able to have a change of scenery – even if it’s just eating in a room other than the kitchen. There are so many people out there who are having to spend lockdown in only one room. 

We are also fortunate to in having a garden and green (albeit muddy) fields in which to walk. Even more fortunate in that they are right across the road from us. Within a short drive we also have the benefit of the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside to enjoy.

During lockdown OH and I have been trying to find places to see that we have never visited before. Gardens, parks, fields.  But they are less fun when there’s no pub to visit for lunch at the end of a long walk.  Nowhere one can go for a cup of tea or coffee.  Locally, we have a very pleasant coffee place which we sometimes visit although now, of course, it can only be for a take away coffee.  But take away where?  To a park bench?  Or are we to walk along the street sipping and slurping.

We have the exciting promise of one or more vaccines that actually look as if they might just work.  Yet, they tell us, that for some time afterwards we will still have to wear masks and keep our distance.  One wonders what long term effect this, so called new norm, will have on the children growing up today?  

Let’s hope that one day soon we will all be back to our old lives and this past year will just be something future generations will read about in history books.









© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems


  1. We were in Aldeburgh last year and brought some fish back with us. Lovely to see the Shell sculpture again. As with the Barbara Hepworth one at Snape maltings I enjoy watching the changing shadows on the shapes. Tessa

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  2. Love the pictures of Aldeburgh in Suffolk (our favourite place). I understand that the 2020 editions of The Lonely Planet guides will include The Spare Bedroom, The Garden Shed, The Lounge, The Dining Room and that perennial favourite New Things to Discover in the TV Room.

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