I wrote this many years ago when I was a National Childbirth Trust antenatal teacher. It was published in the NCT newsletter at the time.

After months of waiting, the date was only a few weeks away. I felt very apprehensive and nervous. Would it be alright on the day? Was I ready? I had my case packed well beforehand and checked every item on the list.

We tried to prepare the children for the big event and talked about what it was going to be like when the great day came. Should they go to school as usual or should they go to grandma or to a friend’s house?

At last the day arrived. We were thrown into a panic. I felt tremendously excited and incredibly nervous at the same time. All my preparation was useless. I forgot everything I said I was going to do and I wasn’t at all relaxed!

Afterwards we were totally exhausted and I was absolutely starving and extremely tired. The first few days were like a dream. It all seemed unreal. We couldn’t believe it was really ours. It was hard getting adjusted. Everything was new and strange.

Had we done the right thing? Would the children like it? And, most important, would we be as happy as we’d been before?

But it was done now – too late to go back. It had been hard work but it was worth it. Yes, we had finally moved house!

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems


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