OH (other half) went shopping this morning and saw that everyone has gone mad, just as they did the last time we were in lockdown.

The shelves displaying many of the essential items were empty. Supermarkets are staying open, so why the panic?

Everyone needs to calm down.  Keep calm and carry on as the famous poster from WW1 said.

Are we going to be mown down by all the joggers again? Why can’t we follow what they have done in Paris and make a rule that people can only jog before 10am and after 7 in the evening? I think I am far more likely to catch a virus (even if it’s just a common cold) from a heavily breathing jogger than I am from our grandchildren whom I am no longer allowed to see.

Without wishing to sound maudlin, those of us who are into our 70s and beyond do not wish to spend whatever time is left to us having to avoid our nearest and dearest.  I know these are the rules and I will keep to them but it seems so unfair and cruel when those same small children can see nannies, au pairs, cleaners, babysitters and teachers.

And if they’re going to bring back the press conferences every day, can we please first of all hear the positive rather than always hearing the negative?

How about telling us how many people went home well from hospital the previous week rather than always telling us how many have died?  It would also be useful to be given a comparison of how many people died at this time last year BC – before Covid.

And don’t get me talking about those charts! I can’t be the only person in the country who, when watching the TV on Saturday, was almost begging Boris to get on with it and tell us when the lockdown was going to start. Instead he left us all hanging on, waiting while they led us through chart after incomprehensible and unreadable chart.  Is this what we have to look forward to in the coming weeks?

And why not be honest with us? Rather than having Gove say “it may need to go on after 2 December”, let us know what to expect. Tell us the truth for once.

And Boris, if you’re reading this, why don’t you form a special Covid Committee together with Keir Starmer and some other members of the Shadow Cabinet. Maybe, if our politicians demonstrated some unity, then the public would follow suit? Unity is strength, as they say.

While we were still in our tiers, a number of people we know bought garden heaters and gazebos so they could entertain outside. The sales of such things have gone through the roof.  There are certain businesses I would like to be in right now – anything to do with the outdoors (including hot tubs, heaters, awnings etc), loo paper, bleach, antibacterial soap, masks, wipes, hand gel – I am sure you can think of many others.

Then there’s the new vocabulary of lockdown which seems to be unique to the UK.  A friend in the United States had no idea what I was saying when I blogged recently about the ‘rule of six’.  We now have words like shielded, tiers, bubble etc  – all to be added soon, I am sure, to the Oxford Dictionary … around the same time as they remove the words  – kiss, touch, handshake, embrace, hold and hug.

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

2 thoughts on “HERE WE GO AGAIN!

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the charts and graphs! I did A level maths plus another year in university but still don’t fully understand them. Have they never heard of pointers (wooden or laser or otherwise)? It’s just a pointless exercise so they can tick the ‘we’ve explained it to them’ box.
    I was considering going on a jog tomorrow but am rethinking now!


  2. Dear Andrea,

    I agree with everything you have written in your blog! Thank you for writing exactly what I am thinking!

    I’m off to the supermarket shortly. Hopefully the shelves won’t be too bare! What is wrong with people. Talk about selfish.

    Love, Irene XX


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