I first posted this poem of mine back in April. It sadly seems to have more of a ring of truth to it now than it had then!


The Covid Years

You remember the start of 2020?

Busy lives and parties plenty

Cupboards full and never empty

Jetting off to far away places

Food enough to fill our faces


Then came Covid and suddenly

A change of life for you and me

Friends we could no longer see

Over 70s stuck at home

Keeping contact on the phone


So much time to spare indoors

Dusting the house and sorting out drawers

Cleaning the loo and washing floors

No need to tidy things away

Every day felt like a holiday


So many hours for us to talk

Plenty of time to go for a walk

April showers where were they?

The sun shone every single day

It felt more like July than May


Sometimes bad news trickled through

About the people we once knew

Tried not to watch the news on TV

I turned to you, you comforted me

We kept each other company


December came, the days were cold

All of us did what we were told

Living out our lives on hold

Celebrations have come and gone

All of us older one year on


The winter months they soon passed by

I’d learned to smile and not to cry

If the children asked we said we were well

And if we weren’t they couldn’t tell

Our interaction was all on screen

As if our old lives had never been



© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems


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