What if someone from Mars wanted to pay a visit to Earth?

My guess is that they would probably want to wait until the current pandemic is over before taking their chances. Earth and Mars are orbiting close together at the moment so now could be a favourable time for a visit. 

In the next month or so the USA, China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be sending robotic explorations to Mars in the hope of making new discoveries – if they succeed where all the other spacecraft up till now have failed.

If a Martian did visit Earth, I wonder what he/it/they/she would think of us?


Far far away

In time and space

There was a land

For the human race.

They called it Earth

I don’t know why

All you could see

Was sea and sky.

There used to be flowers

And animals too

But the people there

Caught some kind of flu.

Some deadly virus

Went everywhere

It was on the ground

And in the air.

That virus killed

Billions of lives

And now Earth’s the planet

Where no one survives.

I visited once

But never again

I didn’t like

The cold and rain.

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

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