A boyfriend once said to me, “The trouble with you Andrea is that you think too much.” I wonder where he is now?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Here are some of the thoughts I’ve had in the past 24 hours. 

I’m still here!


Should I get dressed?


Wondering what to cook today …


The dishwasher needs emptying AGAIN!


Who will phone today?


Will our supply of loo rolls last out?


Will I get run over walking in the middle of the road?


Would it be wise to let OH (other half) cut my hair?


What happens if I lose a filling?


Shall I write the next War and Peace?


What’s Jeremy Corbyn doing now? And do I care?


Why doesn’t Richard Branson pay his tax?


Will my car start?


Will we be able to get another online food delivery?


What is Boris thinking right now?


How will history view this time?


I wish I had kissed our grandchildren goodbye …


How many more people will die today?


Is anyone reading my blog?


© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems




  1. Spot on Andrea, I’m thinking most of these. Not number 7 and I wouldn’t let my OH anywhere near my hair!
    Definitely not the very last thought! I’ll leave that to you.
    Take care. XX


  2. Hi Andrea, I am reading and enjoying your blog. My OH has trimmed my hair in the semi distant past and it was OK. Ideally use hairdressing scissors get him to work round methodically in small sections and don’t have too much cut at a time 1/2 cm then if it doesn’t work out it won’t show too much and if it looks OK you can let them cut a bit more. (that’s the approach I take with my gardener.) or you might prefer to let it grow! I have trimmed my own hair recently (being curly any small mistakes won’t show. (my hairdresser would not approve) i learnt recently that you can buy temproary fillings but doing one’s own fillings sounds a bit Mr Bean to me. Did you ever see that episode? It’s on youtube. Tessa


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