Where in the world are you right now and how are you feeling? 

I like this quote which was made by Hong Kong-based journalist Yuli Yang who has family in Wuhan.

“What gives me hope is that we are human beings, and the year right now is 2020. We have shocking, amazing powers. This virus might not know this, but we have walked on the moon, we can speak to one another instantaneously, even if we are on two sides of the planet. We have cured and gotten rid of so many diseases on the face of this planet. We can definitely defeat this virus. It’s just a matter of time. “

We still don’t really know how this virus truly started.

A few days ago I wrote this poem.  It is along the lines of the poem “A Visit from St Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore. It goes … “twas the night before Christmas and all through the house …


A few weeks from Brexit in a place called Wuhan

A bat in the market infected a man

And all of a sudden where nothing had been

The world was in lockdown from Covid-19.

It’s no worse than flu we heard the orange man say

reassuring his folks in the U S of A.

Carry on herding said Boris and co

Everyone’s got to get it you know.

The schools all closed and the children stayed home

We all started talking to friends on the phone.

Then Boris got ill and the health minister too

It was then we all realised it was much worse than flu.

We don’t know how long this vile virus lingers

So we’re keeping our distance and washing our fingers.

It may last till the summer or even a year

Vulnerable people are living in fear.

And now we have lockdown and self-isolation

We’re staying indoors and saving the nation.

How long we’ll all live for is anyone’s guess

So let’s praise the workers in the NHS.

Thanks to the doctors and all of the nurses

And thanks to the government for emptying their purses!

They’ve found the magic money tree and shaken it madly

Let’s just hope for all our sakes it doesn’t end badly.





Have as good a weekend as you can. Stay safe and stay well. 

I’ll be back on Monday. 

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems


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