What really annoys me at the moment is the inconsiderate and antisocial way so many joggers behave. They hog the pavement and don’t deviate from their path. They refuse to go on the road but expect the rest of us to do so to avoid them.

Are we seeing an abundance of joggers because people can’t get to the gym any more? In the old days (BC – Before Covid) it used to amuse me that people would spend ages driving around the car park at our local leisure centre. They would park as close to the entrance as it was physically and legally able to do so. And then walk in to use the gym! They could have saved a fortune on gym membership simply by WALKING to and from the gym – they didn’t even have to actually use the gym.  The walk alone would give them all the exercise they needed!

Have you also noticed how many joggers look so good?  When did you last see an overweight person jogging? I guess they’re exercising within the privacy of their own homes which is very noble of them in the present circumstances.

But why the need to jog?  Surely if you walk briskly it does as much good for your heart rate and health?  OH (other half) and I did that every day for a few months and we both lost a huge amount of weight – but I will save that anecdote for another day.

Yesterday afternoon OH took a walk around the block.  An idea for a poem came into my head – a parody from the famous speech of Henry V by William (or could it have been Wilhelmina?) Shakespeare. See link below.

The Hour of Exercise

Once more around the block

Dear friends once more

And do our bit

For all the English dead

In solitude there’s nothing that becomes a man

Or woman for that matter

As modest stillness and humility

And when the invisible enemy does appear

Self distancing is the thing

We must embrace

And when those joggers come along

Beating their path along the route

Hold hard the breath and turn your back

Or better still

Cross over the road

Because they will not be moved

But jog on and on

Seemingly uncaring

for they are mean and base

Or merely antisocial

Unlike us stronger mortals

Who are in quarantine

We will self isolate for Boris

in England’s green and pleasant land.



© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems


  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Andrea regarding the Joggers! Why do they do it! Doing a daily brisk walk is just as good. They are so very annoying!

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