What will you do today?



7am. Get up. Think about doing housework.

7.30am. Go back to bed. Sleep.

9am. Awoken by radio news telling me how many people have died of coronavirus since yesterday.

Get up. Have light breakfast. With luck there may be some home-made bread I have baked the night before.

Post has arrived.  Put it to one side for 72 hours. In a few days when wearing rubber household gloves I will wipe the post down and open it, wash the gloves with soap and water and hang them outside on the washing line to dry. Then I will wash my hands with soap and water singing ‘Happy Birthday to Me’ which will be appropriate this Wednesday as it will be my actual birthday. Read older post that has already been sanitised. Chuck some – if not all of it – in bin. Wash hands again. Is this for real?

9.30-11. Emails, WhatsApps, phone calls, write this blog and think about doing housework.

11. Shower, wash hair and dress in oldest most comfortable clothes. Think about doing housework.

11.30. Make lunch interrupted by phone calls and WhatsApp messages.

12.30 pm. Eat lunch with OH (other half).  Lunch is normally something cooked made fresh from scratch. It will be our main meal of the day.

1.30pm-3pm.  If sunny sit out in garden with book on lap which I don’t get round to reading.  Think about gardening.

If raining, intend to do some writing but instead make phone calls, respond to WhatsApp messages and take part in Face Times with friends and family.

3pm. If not done so in morning, take a walk with OH (other half) avoiding dogs, dog poo, joggers and all passers by.

4pm.  A cup of tea or coffee (in garden if fine) with a biscuit or piece of cake as a reward for keeping to the rules of isolation thus far. Think about doing housework.

4.30-5.30pm.  Together with millions of others stuck at home, turn on the TV and watch the PM and his colleagues giving us the latest statistics, rules, advice and warnings.

5.30-6pm. Watch the last half hour of Pointless for light relief while making some home-made soup for supper.

6pm. Listen to the news on BBC radio – which is the exact same news we heard at lunchtime – maybe with an increase in the number of people who have sadly died.

6.30-7pm. Pre-arranged Face Time over drinks/coffee with friends.

7pm. Supper. Delicious soup. With luck there might be some left over home-made bread.

7.30pm. Get changed back into night clothes.

7.45-9pm.  Do some work on PC. Try to write when not thinking about housework.

9pm.  OH and I settle down to watch something on Netflix. Can recommend, “Unorthodox”. Currently watching “The Windsors” (comedy).  For half an hour or so we are able to forget what is happening in the world.

10pm. Do we really want to watch the news again? It’s a repeat of what we saw at 6pm unless there is some new breaking news such as our PM going into hospital.

10.30pm. Bed. Read. Play Upwords, Words with Friends (recommended but highly addictive online word games) but don’t actually go to sleep till 1am – unlike OH who has been asleep for an hour. Sometimes I will get up and go to my study to do some more writing.

Tomorrow, as they say in Gone With The Wind, is another day.

Will awake the next morning and find to my surprise that I am still here.








© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

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