COVID-19 -30 MARCH 2020


What are you going to be doing today?

I’m a late riser, late showerer, late dresser, late sitter at the computer so you may already have had your daily exercise, walked the dogs, done 50 sit-ups, knitted a scarf, climbed a mountain and baked a cake by the time you read this. But I’m also a late to-bedder. When you’re curling up to sleep, I am working on my novel, writing poetry, emailing and blogging. I might even be using the time to do some housework!

I was so proud of myself yesterday. I got up really early (for me) at 8 am – only to find that the clocks had gone forward and that it was actually 9 am!

People are turning to all manner of things to fill their time.  Take baking.  Many of the supermarkets have run out of flour as self-isolation brings out the need for some bread making. There is hardly anything in the world more satisfying than bashing away at the yeasty dough while you knead and pummel it into oblivion.  I am now the proud owner of a bread machine (recommended!) but when our kids were young I often baked a loaf just for the pure satisfaction of doing it – not to mention how yummy and delicious a newly baked loaf of bread is.  I would bash away vigorously at the dough imagining it was Margaret Thatcher or maybe – if it had been a bad day – even my other half.  Today my choice would be Trump or Corbyn.  My PC is underlining Corbyn as if it is a spelling mistake.  Corbyn is just a mistake. And soon to be erased, thank goodness. Oops – my political allegiances are showing. Best not to talk about religion, sex or politics on a blog.

Yesterday I mentioned that the sales of table tennis tables have gone through the roof. And last night I read an article which said that there has – not surprisingly – been a huge surge in the sales of fitness equipment such as exercise bikes, rowing machines and treadmills.

A surprising big seller has been flower seeds.  Many of the well known stockists have completely sold out of seed packets. So, if you were thinking of emulating the Good Life (an entertaining TV sit-com from the 70s) and starting your own veggie patch – you are too late. “Coronavirus lockdown: Seed companies struggle to cope as people turn to gardening” was the headline. “Online seed retailers are reporting demand for seeds this week spiking up to ten times normal levels for the time of year.” Some firms have been completely unable to cope and are turning away new orders!

One of the good things that’s hopefully going to come out of all this is more creativity worldwide. In the next six months (or is it going to be a year?) we are likely to see more books written, more pictures painted, more songs written, more plays scripted, more blogs started and so on. And more children born – but that’s a blog for another day.

Although it might be driving parents up the wall, I also think that many children are going to benefit from all the extra attention they are getting – from people who BC (Before Corona) often didn’t see their kids until bedtime.  Of course it’s a huge adjustment for parents having to teach their kids at home but I don’t believe these kids are going to be missing out on schooling. Whatever the capabilities of their parents, I think the majority of children will return to school brighter and better equipped to face the world – and with luck – they will be more eager to learn.

What did I do today?  I baked a delicious granary loaf. As you can see half of it has already been demolished!  And as for my French knitting, it is now higher than my head!

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems











Day four and my French knitting is now taller than me!


2 thoughts on “COVID-19 -30 MARCH 2020

  1. Thanks for your interesting thoughts. We very rarely buy bread. I think we are on our 3rd bread making machine. I also tried sourdough for a couple of years. My starter along with some recipes was sent to me by an Austrian food blogger. Results were mixed and if the dough dried on the back of the hands there was a depilatory experience to endure. I do mean to try sourdough baking again sometime, there must be an easier way!


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