COVID-19 BLOG – 27 MARCH 2020

BC (Before Covid) I would wake up every morning and think what am I doing today?

There was always something to look forward to in our busy, retired lives. Seeing grand-kids (five since you ask), theatre going, playing table-tennis, going to the cinema, visiting friends and family.

Now I awaken and for a second that same thought pops into my head and then it dawns on me that the world has changed. Not just my world. But everyone’s.

There are no plans. The day stretches out before me.  My husband (from now on referred to as OH – other half) and I find ourselves getting dressed later and later each day, mooching around in our night clothes until nearly lunchtime.  As you can’t see me I can tell you that I am typing this sitting at my PC in my purple nightie.  Come 6pm we are back in our PJs! Soon there will be no reason to get dressed at all. After all, if we’re not seeing anyone, what’s the point? The same goes for make-up. I haven’t worn any since this new era started. My face is naked. And as for my hair – if this isolation routine goes on for more than six weeks (which it’s more than likely to do) I will turn into a little silver haired old lady – as will most of my female friends.

Having said all that, I did brush my hair for Face Time – but even though it’s called Face Time I didn’t bother putting my face on.  Think my grand kids will continue to love me whatever I look like. I imagine I could have done what I suspect many of the TV news presenters do and just get dressed from the waist up.  Fiona Bruce always looks so spruce (did you notice how well that rhymed? It’s the poet in me coming out) but I bet that under the table she is wearing her slippers!  Jeremy Paxton on University Challenge. Shirt and tie from the waist up. Who knows what from the waist down?

The highlight of our day is when we switch on the TV at 4.30pm and along with the rest of the nation watch our Prime Minister Boris Johnson (usually known as Boris) delivering the latest Covid-19 news on the BBC. We gather round the TV much in the same way as people in war time gathered round their wireless sets to hear Churchill speak.

Boris is no Churchill but he has developed a certain gravitas as he announces the latest steps in this world war against our invisible enemy, thumping on the lectern to emphasise that we must wash our hands and not leave our homes unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Have you noticed how only two PMs in our living memory were always known by their first names – Maggie and now Boris?  Theresa May was always Theresa May. Never Theresa or May. Harold Wilson was always Wilson. Blair always Blair. Heath always Heath. An interesting but useless observation.


Got distracted for a minute but am back now. Was about to say that Boris is looking a lot smarter than he used to do BC (Before Covid). And he’s so serious now. Hard to imagine that he was ever blustering and jocular. Boris always had the illusion that he could be a second Churchill. In his wildest dreams he could never have thought that, so soon after becoming PM, he would be fronting a war against an invisible enemy.

The highlight of our week yesterday was the arrival of our online grocery order. What used to be a chore – unpacking the bags and filling the fridge – has become an exciting adventure.  Food! Kleenex! Toilet rolls.  Oh wow!

See you again tomorrow. Stay safe.

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 BLOG – 27 MARCH 2020

  1. Silversteins across the pond here. Your life mirrors ours in this stay-@-home time. Reading yet another history book about Churchill and the years 1940-41. M&I feel blessed our condo isn’t being blown to bits by Covid19 despite being at war with this enemy. Jack & Rose are expecting another baby in a few weeks. Jack won’t be allowed into the hospital. Sad! Keep blogging and stay safe. Love to your family.


  2. … and there are lengthy videos on how to unpack your online shopping most safely to avoid catching anything off the external layers!


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