COVID-19 AND ME – 26 MARCH 2020


Here we are. Week one into self-isolation in the UK.

I thought I would depart from poetry for a while to let you know what life is like here in the UK right now.

And the photograph? What’s that all about?  I am “French knitting” for our six year old grandson. The longer the knitting gets, the more days we will have been in isolation! So far, it’s up to my chest although he has asked for it to be as high as the house.

My title, “Covid-19 and Me” is a misnomer because fortunately, thank goodness, I don’t have Covid-19. I am in the elderly category but not yet vulnerable I hope, although my daughter – much to my chagrin – recently described me on Facebook as being elderly and vulnerable! So we’re “self-isolating”. Other than going out for the occasional walk, we are not seeing anyone at all. 

If, like me, you are retired, you can almost imagine that it’s just another normal day. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. Where we live out in the suburbs, twenty miles from London, the streets are normally pretty quiet. And today is no different.

Then you switch on the news and get the latest statistics on who’s died, who’s dying and how many are expected to die in the next few days, weeks and months. So you go for a walk (how much longer will we still be allowed to go for a walk?) and try to imagine that it’s just another day. Except it’s not.

Other people are walking too. Heads down, avoiding one another on the sidewalk (or pavement as we Brits call it) – stepping into the road if necessary. Sometimes a jogger appears out of nowhere, breathing heavily, almost down one’s neck and one cringes in fear. They clearly haven’t heard about “social distancing” because they get as close as they dare.

“Hey!” my husband yelled at one, “You shouldn’t be this close! “

“You shouldn’t be here!” was his reply as he ran on.

On a positive note, have you noticed how the birds are all singing more loudly? Think they’re enjoying life without air planes, traffic and pollution – Covid 19 has managed to combat global warming all on its own!

More ramblings from me tomorrow. Watch this space!

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems




3 thoughts on “COVID-19 AND ME – 26 MARCH 2020

  1. Hi again
    Nicely written, Andrea. Hits the right tone and expresses just what lots of us are thinking. I can’t help thinking about places like Soweto and the refugee camps. What chance have they got? I can’t decide to take each day one painful step at a time, or think longer term to a time when some sort of normality is resumed. Either way seems wrong.
    Anyway, the cats (fat one joined by thin one now) need feeding…


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