New Shoes

In the past two and quarter years we have been blessed with four grandchildren – all boys!

I wrote this poem for our oldest grandson, Ethan, when he had his first pair of shoes.

“My New Shoes” is meant to be read aloud. I hope you will enjoy reading it to your children – and grandchildren!

New Shoes

My new shoes have grown up laces

My new shoes will take me places

My new shoes can climb and run

My new shoes are so much fun

Climbing trees and kicking leaves

Doing anything I please

In and out and up and down

Through the country and the town

In the daytime and the dark

In the garden and the park

On the swings and on the slide

On the bike I love to ride

My new shoes are getting worn

They’re shabby and the leather’s torn

I have given them so much wear

Soon I’ll need another pair!

New Shoes











© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

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