Message in a fortune cookie

Last week, in a Chinese restaurant, I opened a fortune cookie to read the message. It said, “treasure what you have.” I really took those trite words to heart.

Recently, we were doubly blessed when not only my daughter but also my daughter-in-law gave birth. Two beautiful baby boys born only seven weeks apart.

I am sure that anyone who has ever been a grandparent has felt this way.

We must all treasure what we have.


When he smiles

the sun comes out

I want to shout

to the world

Look at this darling boy

I am bursting with joy

and pride

It was not long ago

that his mother

was a bride

on her wedding day

And grandchildren seemed

so far away

And now

there is this little hand

clasping mine

And this fantastic smile

that’s just for me

or so it seems

My dreams

are sweeter now

The world’s a better place

now that he’s here.

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

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