Growing older

Following on from my ‘Memories in a suitcase’ poem, here are some more thoughts on growing older.


Odd isn’t it

How the kids you knew at seven

Always stay in your mind

And you can still count every freckle

And measure every pigtail

And isn’t it strange

How the ones you really liked

Never did grow up

To be housewives and mothers in suburbia

They’re still there

Hiding and seeking

Jumping over the drain covers

Playing all the games in your past

That you’d still like to play

But have forgotten the rules

Odd too that you can

Still name every face

In your old school photo

Yet you can’t remember

What you did

This time yesterday

Growing up

When you are young

you think you have

all the time in the world

When you are older

you have all the world

but no time

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

One thought on “Growing older

  1. Hi Andrea
    Lovely poem!
    My mother-in-law says she really relates to your poem as she can’t remember what happened a few minutes ago!


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