The best years

Many of my poems are about my children or were written for my children.

For me, bringing up our three children was one of the most fulfilling and pleasurable things I have ever done. Having said that, writing this blog is a bit like having a new baby in that I feel I have to attend to it every day. The blank screen silently screams at me to be fed on a regular basis or this new baby of mine won’t survive.

I was fortunate in that I was able to be at home with our children – not everyone wants or is able to do that. I didn’t return to work until my youngest was five.

Of course, parenting can be exhausting. And I imagine every parent has felt as I did when they look at their sleeping child.

I wrote this poem when my daughter was three years old.

To my daughter

Who would think

watching you

peacefully sleeping

how you tear

the heart out of me

during the day.

When I think back

to those first flutterings

and the joy of feeling

you move inside me

for the first time

And how

when you were born

and they said

“It’s a girl”

my heart leapt

and tears poured

from my eyes.


watching you playing

I glimpse the girl

I must have been

once upon a time.

And now

seeing you stir

in your sleep

I wish I could dream

the dream that

you are dreaming

And grow old with you

my darling girl.


 © Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

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