Poems for my children

Once you have children, you tend to spend a lot of time reading aloud to them.
As a child I had enjoyed the poems of Robert Louis Stevenson (A Child’s Garden of Verses) and A A Milne (Now We Are Six) so these were often the ones I chose to read.
Sometimes, in an attempt to make something routine more interesting – or to get the children to do something they weren’t keen on doing (eg  eating their greens), I’d make up a poem.
Here’s one I wrote about bathtime.
Down the drain the water flows
I wonder where the water goes.
Does it go out to the sea
To keep the fishes company?
Or does it just go down the drain
Never to be seen again!
When our two sons heard we were going to be having another baby, they naturally asked a lot of questions.
So I wrote this:
The New Baby
We don’t know its name yet
or what it will be
whether it is
a he or a she
We don’t know if it will be bald
or have big or small ears
But we know that we’ll love it
once it appears
They said they wanted a sister. But, once she arrived, they changed their minds!  So I wrote this:
New Sister
She pulls at my hair
and she punches my nose
She pinches my cheeks
and she treads on my toes
You wanted a sister
And you got a sister
She eats all my food
and she messes my toys
She keeps me awake
all the night with her noise
You wanted a sister
And you got a sister
She cries all the night
and she screams all the day
I’m not left alone
and there’s no time to play
You wanted a sister
And you got a sister
She makes such a mess
and she makes such a fuss
Oh why did she come
to a family like us
You wanted a sister
And you got a sister
 © Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

One thought on “Poems for my children

  1. I’m really impressed with your writing talents and also with the layout to your blog. Keep up the excellent quality writing.


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