Pet life

Over the years we’ve owned two cats. Or should I say, two cats have lived 

under the same roof as us.  

One can never really ‘own’ a cat. Unlike dogs, they are totally independent – but

that is part of their charm.

Our cat

Our cat likes to sit on papers


new  newspapers


not yesterday’s

Our cat likes to sit on clothes

as long as they’re ironed

and neatly folded

Our cat likes to sit on beds

newly made beds

And flower beds

Our cat likes to sit on papers

exam papers

test papers

homework papers

report papers

Our cat is sitting on this poem.

It is said that cats choose you – you don’t choose them. And this was true of Jason who adopted us when we were living in our first home. He actually belonged to the people next door but made it quite clear that he preferred our company (and our home) to theirs.

When the time came for us to move house, I told the owner we would miss their cat and that I wished we could have him. ‘You can!’ she surprised me by replying.  So that was it. We were cat owners.

Jason lived with us for seventeen years.  

To Jason

We didn’t choose you

You came to us

And became a part of us

and of this house

And when we let you out

that night

How could we know it was

to be for the last time?

And yet, you still came back to us

Slowly, painfully

You came home

We found you lying curled up

on the path

Looking for all as if you were

still alive

The children in their beds

wailed when they heard the news

But soon forgot

Yet I cannot look

at where you used to be

without the tears coming to my eyes

© Andrea Neidle, My Life in Poems

2 thoughts on “Pet life

  1. Love it 🙂 and it is so true that cats choose you. I have three, two of which were strays that wandered up, and one that I had to adopt after he demanded that I hold him for 10 minutes.


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