Mad Men

Watching Mad Men takes me back.  Yes, advertising was really like that once upon a time. Sexism was rampant.  As was sex.

I remember one agency where all the men seemed to be having affairs. And a number of them were at it with one of the secretaries. On the board room table. (Not all at the same time I might add.)

News of this got to the director of the board who sternly said something would be done. Immediately. And it was. He got rid of the board room table.

Making Hate

After making hate

they lay together


thinking lonely thoughts

After the anti-climax


he said, your body is smooth

and smells of summer

She wondered if

he’d be insulted

if she lit a cigarette

After making hate

their bodies all used up

in an orgasm of

frenzied mutual analysis

he said: my wife is expecting me

And then they made love

Making Hate was published in ARK,  the magazine of the Royal College of Art. Its editor was John Hedgecoe.

They also published this poem at the same time:

Cup Final

Tonight was going to be our night

This room was going to be our room

This bed, our bed

Why did you switch the TV on?


© Andrea Neidle. My Life in Poems

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